Mud Matters video from Macaco studio

Mud Matters is a full service ceramic studio located on the corner of 46th Street and 10th Avenue, right in the heart of New York City.

We invite you to join this community of students and artists and either learn basic pottery or advance your skills in working with clay. The studio offers a bright, positive, and relaxing retreat from the busy NYC environment.

Mud Matters offers an array of courses and workshops, along with a generous schedule where the studio is open for students to practice and work independently. The intimate space ensures a relaxed workspace, personalized attention to students, and an opportunity to stretch your creativity under the guidance of a team of skilled and attentive teachers.

Our course schedule for the next session is available here and you can register online at any time.

If you are already skilled in working with clay and are looking for a ceramic studio, consider joining our Studio Potter program. We have a full complement of pottery equipment and a wide assortment of studio glazes, as well as two large electric kilns.

Mud Matters offers a generous schedule of times throughout the week where currently registered students and studio potters can freely use the studio at no additional cost. See our open studio schedule.

Many people ask if they can just come for one time—perhaps to see if they might enjoy delving more deeply into this art form OR because their current schedule only allows an occasional opening in which they can work with clay. We offer workshops in both hand building and wheel throwing as well as individual or group private lessons.

We hope you will visit Mud Matters anytime you are in the neighborhood. Our gallery display changes regularly, featuring the ceramic art of our teachers and artists. All work in the gallery is available for purchase. Think about supporting local artists the next time you need a special gift. Some of our artists take commission requests, so contact us with questions or special projects.